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Bitcoins4Ever is a result-oriented forward-thinking company which is fully dedicated to investments and is well-known for its outstanding profitable system which has allowed them to create a totally self-sustainable investment website.


Be the number one self-sustaining investment page that lasts for time and generates profits for users forever.


To provide a growth opportunity with an intelligent investment to all our clients.


Sustainability positions us in the market, being the first web that maintains itself.

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Frecuency Answers Questions (FAQ)

Yes, for each referral you have we will give you 10% of what the referral invests. And your referral link can be found in the My Referrals section.
Approximately 1 hour. However you can use the livechat, if they are connected they will respond instantly.
No, only you must pay the transaction commission in the deposit of bitcoins.
After having made the deposit, have clicked on the button that is indicated and updated the web, instantly appear in your deposits. Otherwise, please send an email to: [email protected] indicating your email address and the transaction's txid.
Yes, you can do all that you want. And there is no maximum deposit.
No, you only need to reach the minimum withdrawal which is 0.0005 BTC.
Yes, you must divide your investment between the total investments of the website and multiply it by 100.
((my investment) / (total_investments)) * 100
That is the percentage of profit on the investments of the day that you will have.
This is because your daily profit is added 2 days after your deposit.

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Referral Contest (Prize - 0.5 Bitcoins) - Finished!

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0.09 BTC
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0.038 BTC
4° - 5° 0.01 BTC
6° - 10° 0.005 BTC
11° - 100° 0.003 BTC

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Total Referrals Prize
naale37889 000 000 Sat. (0.09 BTC)
FairMonitor12266 000 000 Sat. (0.06 BTC)
bestbtcsites8723 800 000 Sat. (0.038 BTC)
Adam Campbell6801 000 000 Sat. (0.01 BTC)
GodfatherBlog681 000 000 Sat. (0.01 BTC)
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